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Roof refurbishment services in Stirling

Whether it is minor chimney pointing work to avoid damp penetration or major roof replacement work after a storm, don't hesitate to contact our roofing specialist for effective solutions and efficient services to suit your needs and budget.

• Broken/cracked slate and tile replacement

• Lead work

• Storm damage roof and gutter repairs

• Chimney pointing

• Water proofing roofs

• Roof flashing

• Roof shingles repair

We carry out all types of roof repairs:

Are you dealing with the aftermath of turbulent weather on your building? D & S Slaters & Roof Tilers Co. Ltd specialises in storm damaged roof repairs.


We can repair, replace and refurbish your roof as per your requirements. We provide a hassle free roof repair service for your home and office buildings. Get in touch for more information.

Storm damage repairs

Call us on 01786 816 286 for efficient roof repairs!

Get long lasting, better looking and low maintenance roofs for your home and office buildings from D & S Slaters & Roof Tilers Co. Ltd in Stirling.